Creative Buyers Edge

(April 28, 2017 )

CREATIVE BUYERS EDGEIn todays highly competitive Real Estate Market it is increasingly difficult to get your offer accepted in multiple offer situations.  So how does your buyer client get the competitive edge? Retrospectively in a stable Market, your Realtor who is representing the Buyer would sit down with the Listing Realtor and Sellers, then Present the Offer. The Buyers Realtor would tell the Sellers about the Buyers and personalized them so that the Sellers would have a feel for who was buying their home.Now with the high demand for property, Listing Realtors are holding Open Houses with presentations of offers to be emailed to the listing realtors one or two days after the open house.  As a result there is basically no contact with the buyers’ realtor, therefore there is no personal touch given about the buyers.I recently wrote an offer for my buyer on April 25, 2017 and was in a multiple competitive situation (5 offers to be precise). I emailed my buyers offer to the Listing Realtor as per the stated time deadline. The Listing Realtor called me to inform me that even though my buyers offer was the best offer, the Sellers decided to accept an offer that was approximately $3000.00 less than mine. So what happened?The Buyers whose offer was accepted put a human face to their Contract of Purchase and Sale. They sent a letter via their Realtor with the offer to the Sellers Realtor with a photo of themselves and told their personal stories of not only the medical challenges but the educational ones that they had faced and won. They went on to say that the condo was situated close to both their work locations (within 10 minutes). For them just starting out in their life journey together, this beautiful condo was the perfect fit for them and that they couldn’t ask for anything more.The Sellers were very moved by the Buyers and had enormous empathy for the challenges that they had faced and overcome. So for the Sellers, accepting the offer from these buyers was the perfect choice for their beloved home.Hence, as you can see, humanizing the buyers and putting a face to the Contract of Purchase and Sale definitely gives a competitive edge.